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Date: 12 May 2014. After Easter (pot luck idea)


Just a quickie alert for those of you that enjoy the whole pot luck and boater's get-togethers that are so frequent this time of the year.  Yesterday I was at the local Dollar General store and found they had the Easter Egg kits on sale for 90% off.  Well, I bought a few and now have a stash.

What you want is the PACKAGE OF DYES. The rest can be thrown away.

Why you may ask?  Well, this is the fault Pinterest -- and please do not judge me by my boards. Pinterest is a serious weakness of mine and one of the reasons for my bandwidth issues.  Anyway, they had a recipe showing sparkle eggs and because they looked so pretty I adapted same for my deviled eggs recipe.  So far (only twice) made, and both times the eggs resulted in compliments.

The men were "wow" and "that's delicious" whereas
the women said "you saw that on Pinterest didn't you?"

But of course I did.  So, while you can get the kits for a dime, stock up on a few.  The part you need to keep is the tablets that make color. The rest you can chunk into the trash.  We still are getting rid of clutter, [see
Becoming Clutter-Free series] and you do not need the entire kit.

The how-to calls for using vinegar to set the colors. I cannot that imagine would taste very good.


Instead drop one tablet into an egg cup, and add maybe a tablespoon of hot water to dissolve. Next, crush/make lots of cracks in the shell of your hard-boiled egg by rolling it on the countertop.  Then using an eye dropper (my method) drip color over the shell.  Set them aside to dry.  When dry, peel and go at it making your normal deviled egg recipe.

The eggs will be festive and for me, an ideal pot luck contribution.  Now mine are a bit fancier than your normal egg yolks, mayo and perhaps a bit of mustard. After mashing the yolks, I add finely chopped scallions, grated mozzarella cheese, bacon bits (real ones, thank you) and perhaps a bit of ranch dressing along with mayonnaise or Miracle Whip. Obviously I am not a purist. The eggs are well received and I have never had any to bring back home.

The last time I made them I tried diced ham and used mustard too, but no bacon.  Frankly I preferred the mayonnaise and bacon better but experimentation is fun. Either way, the dozen I made were gone and in my mind, no leftovers indicates a successful contribution.

I make eggs for myself too, not only for get-togethers with friends.

I did want to get a quick post up so you can hunt for the kits while they are on sale. Yes, you could buy the bottles of food dye, but on a boat, well, I think this is far more practical. And cheap!

P.S. -- The yellow ones aren't as dark/easy to see. I'd add a bit of yellow as a contrast versus using it as a solo color. The yellows didn't look as attractive as the others in my view.

Have you ever been to Pinterest?
What do you add to your eggs for the filling?

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