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Date: 6 January 2018. Five Dollars at a Time.


Women have a distinct advantage over men. We are more willing to admit that we are not 25 years old any more. Of course you fellows can do a lot. The question comes down to "Should you?" More often than not, the answer is no. If you are like me, perhaps my solution will work for you.

Before you take on some big job, full of confidence because you did it before, just remember that you were younger when you did it before. Thomas Sowell.

Me, at the 7 Mile Grill in Marathon, FL circa 2001

I always have enjoyed the fried grouper sandwiches sold at the 7-mile Grill.

Years ago I could do a lot of things. There were no painful reminders the next day that I had been overconfident about my abilities. Now I am not so fortunate. If I lift something too heavy I pay for my hubris.

Aches and varying degrees of soreness bring me back to reality: I have passed the half-century mark. Husbanding my strength is important to a successful life afloat.

I have found a $5 bill is often a solution to difficulties.

For instance, back in Pensacola I mentioned to a fellow that I would pay $5 not to have to haul water out to Seaweed. We were at the dinghy dock filling our containers. He volunteered to bring me water. Each time he would deliver ten or 15 gallons and I would say thank you with a five dollar bill.

Now occasionally if his timing was good I might share a meal with him too. Nothing fancy comes out of my galley. We were just a couple of boaters helping each other. I cook well and he had the physical strength I do not possess.

Bean soup is hearty and inexpensive. It is perfect for sharing.

Do not be afraid to hire someone to help out. You are doing the worker a favor in allowing him to make a few bucks. He is making your life easier. Both win.

At a certain point we all will need to exchange cash for time.

Micca and LR would often help out fellow boaters.

They lived on a big old sailboat over on the Atlantic coast.

For me, $5 meant my water tank in Pensacola was never empty. It was well worth the money to me. Of course if you have a high-dollar boat a five will not cut it. Offer more. Nobody likes a cheapskate.

In St. Pete I met a local named Al. He supplements his social security in a way that benefits me. Al fishes in the morning. He filets his catch and delivers pan-ready fish to my boat, all for $5 per pound. We both win.


I am the world's worst fisherman. Fish do not fear me. I have delusions of grandeur when it comes to fishing. How hard can it be?!? Well, it is not hard at all. Except I cannot catch a blasted thing. Ever.

Often you  will find fellows who are successful fishermen. Ask if they are willing to sell a portion of their catch. I know I like to buy a filet or two on occasion. Or shrimp. I love shrimp. For proof of that please read the Time Stopped article.

Flamingos are pink because they eat so many shrimp.

This is the towel I use most of the time after a shower. Isn't it pretty?!?



Regarding my flamingo towel...

Yes, it is small. It is large enough for me. Because it is not full sized it takes less room, is easier to wash, and dries taking less space... besides, I like it!

When you are choosing your towels, I suggest you opt for a thinner one that will dry quickly.


The unfortunate thing about shrimp is that I have been totally ruined. You see, when I was back in Carrabelle I met the nicest couple named Jerry and Louise. They own the shrimp boat Rollin' Stone and their shrimp were so fresh and delicious. That couple did ruin me for the tasteless stuff sold at grocery stores though.

Gosh I miss them. Louise and Jerry were right nice folks.

MC Johnson (on left) and Rollin' Stone are steel shrimp boats. Rollin' Stone belongs to Louise and Jerry.

But I digress...
If you're finding jobs difficult it is important to understand that there is no shame in hiring someone to help. I am sure if you look back on your life there were many times you assisted others. Now it's your turn. Be gracious, say thank you, and be generous.

Being nice FIRST is a good place to start.  

I'd love to hear what jobs you pay for.
And, where are you located?

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2018, 2023

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