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Date: 26 February 2015. Fuzzy Fixed (and manifold update)

As mentioned last November, a seemingly never-ending effort to stay warm has been an ongoing issue this winter. First of all, I'm cold. Seaweed is drafty. She's not air-tight by any means and when the wind blows... In any event, back in the early part of the winter the article Warm Fuzzies (winter bedding) described my efforts to stay comfortable. That failed, but recently I've had an epiphany.

The problem with my fuzzy blanket was not the heat it radiated. Instead, it was the roughness. Better quality fabric would not have had that problem. Instead, I'd opted for a $4 blanket from the thrift store. Sometimes my money-saving theories don't work. This was one of those instances.

In any event, a couple days ago when I brought back the washed laundry I realized that I did not have to lay on top of the fuzzy. So I flipped the covers around and came up with this:

Skipper snuggles under the blankets when she wants to rest. She's not spoiled. Nope. Not one iota!

  • The bottom layer is my electric blanket wrapped in a duvet (actually a queen sized sheet folded around the Comfy Cruise 12-volt blanket

  • In the daytime Skipper's pink bones blanket is on that duvet. The bones layer is removed at night.

  • Next, the fuzzy is face down (fuzzy side towards Skipper and I)

  • It's topped by my Utilitarian Quilt (25 patch blocks)

Those layers are quite sufficient to keep Skipper and I warm at night, albeit with an assist from the electric blanket. By not laying on top of the rough fuzzy part, I was far more comfortable. Still, that blanket needs replacement before another wintertime arrives.

Side Note: The quilt is a simple patchwork. It's a top and backing without any quilting or batting. The double layer of fabric is normally sufficient in the summer when the breezes kick.

Out here on the hook (at anchor) it does get a bit nippy. Except in the wintertime, the hatch above my bunk is open for the fresh air. Winds blow in and my Hella fan too adds to the air movement.

And too, with the hatch open I can hear the wildlife. Between dolphin and pelicans, there's almost always a critter sharing the water with me. I like that.

Laughing gull flying and two pelicans swimming just off my bow.


Manifold Update: I saved the best news for last. Yesterday I was in the mechanic's business when my new manifold was being discussed. On Tuesday the boss had gone into the welding shop to give the final specifications for where various fittings needed to be placed. He said "the stainless welding is some of the best I've ever seen" so I'm as pleased as can be.

Skilled welding on stainless is a talent few possess. Apparently the fellow making the manifold graduated from welding school last year and the boss was very impressed with his skills. Ugly works too, but pits and voids can cause problems, especially when considering the heat this unit needs to dissipate.

For more information on the manifold design, visit the Stainless Manifold Ordered (tractor motor adapted for boat) article.

Are you as anxious as I am for winter to be over?!?
Does the weather effect the choices you make when reading? (Blustery books when it's stormy, etc.)


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