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3 September 2014. Outboard Option.


Eric aboard M/V Louisa says "OB's have one distinct advantage. Anything that goes wrong with it can be fixed with the "four bolt tune-up"!!!" And as I continue to fight it out with the BOB engine -- and repair does not look likely, other options were being considered. And frankly, having a motor that can be removed and repaired certainly has a level of appeal.

OB is a shorthand online thing you'll see on boating sites. It references an OutBoard engine.

An outboard engine (9.9hp) at $3,000 comes with a five year guarantee can be essentially disposable and still a viable option. $600 a year is $50 a month for a motor. When I do the math on Seaweed's Beast (the gasoline monster) followed by BOB with it's blown bearing... well, other choices were considered.


Still, there's something about a diesel. I want one. It is the reason I went with making BOB the engine aboard Seaweed.  That and of course Bob Winter [see Time Stopped article] would continue to live in my Seaweed. And I truly loved my Volvo named BOB.  Cruising along at five knots with my MD2 Volvo was such a treat. Seaweed just moved through the water with barely a ripple.

No wake whatsoever was a new experience. The Carrabelle River has a long area with No Wake allowed. That did not effect me at all. For fun I cruised on by the local marinas at five knots -- without making the boats rock. That was a blast!

Yes, I get simple pleasures owning my home. At five knots I do have a lot of fun.


Still, even though an outboard has a certain level of appeal [see the Manatee Moves article for why that is true] at present we are working with a much newer Kubota from Yanmar Tractors Parts [http://yanmartractorparts.net] and all is progressing well.

Just this past Thursday we (that is the "royal" we, in that I mean my mechanic) located the flywheel needed for just $50 on eBay. At present we are gathering all parts required to turn this 18hp engine into a marine motor.

I am blessed.


But being able to unbolt an outboard and have it fixed on dirt has definite appeal. Or being able to get myself out of harms way -- an auxiliary motor can do that too. The outboard is not a today, or even next year event. But some day... well, yes.

In the meantime, I am semi-actively searching for the motor mount so that part will be on hand when needed.

That is life from Carrabelle. But before I leave you, insert a drum roll please.

Here is a sneak peek at my new engine when it arrived:

I truly have been blessed more than one can imagine. Dennis, of Yanmar Tractor Parts sent this to me for my Seaweed and I'm beyond beyond thrilled. Once again, soon, I'll be mobile. But that's when a few more pieces are gathered. Plus of course the BOB has to come o-u-t.

The good thing about BOB is that there are parts that are of value though frankly if someone wanted to offer a nice chunk of change for the MD2 they could have the whole kit and caboodle, plus shipping. Otherwise, I will be listing individually all the good stuff on Craigslist. Either way, it has to go.

Have you ever bought used motor parts from Craigslist?
What are the pitfalls a person should be aware of when using Craigslist?

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