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Date:  7 September 2013. Peachy Chicken.


Of course with the news of the new engine I had to celebrate my good fortune. One of the ways I do that is by cooking. Suppertime is special aboard Seaweed as I try to make each evening meal an event. You see, if I were having company of course I would want to make it lovely. Since you too would go all out for a relative coming over, I do the same for myself. It lifts my spirits to realize that with a tiny bit of extra effort I can enjoy a sumptuous feast that looks nice and tastes great.

What is the secret you may ask? Magazines! Yes, the ladies magazines always have recipes and I make it a point of picking one recipe to attempt with each mag-rag (magazine) read. Some are disasters and usually all require a bit of modification since I am dealing with refrigeration (power supply) issues and such.

I can easily get into a rut fixing the "same old thing" ad naseum. The recipes in magazines challenge me to try new things. Once in a while a recipe is added to my rotation. Peachy Chicken is just such an addition. It is easy, requires items I have onboard, cooks in a single pan, and best of all, tastes great!

Dole Diced Peaches snack cup  in 100% Juice

Though today's article features Peachy Chicken, I have used pineapple chunks with equal success. Basically, either works well and both are delicious. I am not certain which version I prefer.

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Dole Mandarin Oranges snack cup in juice

One of my successful transformations from magazine recipe to dinette table is Peachy Chicken. This is quick and easy to make. Let me share with you how to do it. You are familiar I hope with the kid's lunchbox cups of fruit sold at about four for a couple dollars? Generally I keep mandarin oranges and peaches in my ship stores as the amount in a container is satisfactory and leftovers without a reefer (aka refrigerator) do not do well.

So, in your pan add a bit of butter, then open one of the peach cups. Drain out approximately half the juice. Add your piece of chicken (I skinned and de-boned a chicken thigh) plus some scallions and saute (fry), flipping repeatedly until the chicken is almost done. I had to add a bit of water so my bird could cook without sticking/burning. When the chicken is at that point of near perfection, dump in the rest of the juice and peaches. Within a couple minutes the peaches will "cook" too (think peach pie) and you are done. You will have some scrumptious broth too.

Side Note: I buy the peaches in light syrup and
the scallions plus lentil sprouts are grown on the boat.

Meanwhile, on my other burner I cooked rice. Because I am the world's worst rice cooker, years ago I gave up on the standard stuff and went over to parboiled version. That cooks wonderfully for me, doesn't stick, stays fluffy, and, well, I like it.

With the addition of a few cherry tomatoes (on sale) and a small container of fresh grown lentil sprouts, I have a fabulous, healthy meal. The only thing missing was company.

When aboard your boat and company's coming, what's on the menu?
And what one dish/pot specialty is your favorite?

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