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Date: 24 June 2018. Scooper Question.


As good friends know I am a nut for thrift stores. They are fun places to explore. I believe it is the thrill of the hunt that pleases me most. Of course the prices are a real talisman too. Last year I found the coolest scoop. Today, if you would be so kind, please tell me what it is that I paid perfectly good money to own.

I will buy something simply because I like it if the price is affordable. This scoop was one such an object.

The scoop met all the requirements for a Seaweed object. It is small. That means storage is not too difficult. The floral motif is pretty. Delicate items appeal to me. I liked it. Best of all, the cost was negligible.

Originally I put a small succulent into the bowl. My friend Kim had gifted me one succulent long ago.

Kim lived aboard Sea Turtle for many years.


Kim has a green thumb.

I admire her artistic side. She can grow practically anything.



Below is one of the hitchhikers from the succulents Kim gave me all those years ago.

Isn't this just the cutest little scooper? I would love to know what it actually is supposed to be. Can you help?!?
The comment section works thanks to my friend Ken, so please share what you know. I would appreciate that.


Recently I shared some succulents with Cheryl.
They originally came from the batch Kim gave to me.

Cheryl is my friend who travels aboard Island Time.

Cheryl gave me Breezy, my newest plant that is masquerading as an octopus.

Quite often women swap plants out here. I get a real pleasure out of greenery. My aloe came from Kim. It continues to grow. Very shortly I am gong to find a local soul to give some to. The pot is filled so it is definitely time to share the aloe plants.

For the record, my moss continues to thrive. It takes patience to grow moss. Mine is at least five years old.

The moss came from a tree that was floating on the Apalachicola River. It's sitting on a piece of bark.

Previously I was convinced I had a black thumb. Everything I attempted with plants of any sort died. Seaweed has changed that dynamic. Most of what I've tried to grow has done well. We will not discuss the fruit fly nightmare. That is an ugly tale for another day.

Suffice it to say, if you see 1/4" very skinny worms coming up from your soil, these are not aerating your dirt. They are larvae fruit flies, hatching. Ugh. That was a totally disgusting episode. (shivers)

The scooper gizmo was too pretty to harbor a succulent forever.

This scoop is just the right size for raisins. I now use it for my treats.

Sometimes those tempting delicacies take the form of raisins. The scoop is also a dandy holder for my personal favorite, mint flavored M&M's.

But I digress...
The reason for this article is that I would like to know what exactly I bought. Do you have any idea where it was made? How old is the scoop? I'd really appreciate your assistance in this matter.

I found this gem for 49 cents at a local thrift store. This is just the prettiest thing ever... at least I believe so.

The size is 3.75" long by 1.75" wide. She stands 1.5" tall. On one side the initials D.V. are painted.

P.S. Comments thanks to Ken work again. He's a genius and I am very grateful. Your feedback is incredibly important for my happiness quotient. Please participate. Thank you!


And thanks for reading.

So what was the intended purpose of this scoop? When was she made?
And, have you any theories as to the origin? French, or???

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