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Date: 18 September 2014. Showers Aboard (water saving tips)


Although many sailors and those who are interested in conserving water opt for baby wipes, I did not go down that path aboard Seaweed.  Yes, I do have some in the head and have used them on occasion but mostly I prefer brief showers. I feel cleaner and because a full shower takes less than one gallon of water, I am comfortable with that level of water usage.

Aboard Seaweed I buy baby wipes at Walmart. In the baby department I look for the thickest package with the fewest number of wipes in it. I want thickness more than quantity. Then, I add them to my original plastic baby wipes container. The boxes are refillable.

A couple of brass utility eyes, and a piece of small line keep my baby wipes in place even when the boat rocks.

Side Note: Always opt for the lowest count in the thickest package. That's because you want the wipes to be thick. Thin ones have been scratchy and unpleasant. And, well, not to be gross, but stuff comes through too easily. You want thick ones.

Next I add some bottled water to the plastic box which makes them very moist. As they come from the manufacturer, the wipes are a bit too dry. They do not seem as refreshing as when quite damp. I do opt for the ones with aloe as I think it makes my skin nicer and seems refreshing.

Anyway, thick versus paper thin is for me a better choice.

I use distilled water in the baby wipes because I have that on hand for my batteries.


Mostly I take a shower. On the boat I have got a pressure water system. What I did to make it better though was buy (thrift store, 99 cents) one of those fancy nozzles for showers that run $30+ at the box stores.

On the mist setting I get just a bit of water which is helpful when shampooing hair. My hair is almost waist length so washing it is a daily occurrence. The Thumper setting lets out a normal shower spray -- albeit less briskly than in a house. That is because I do not turn up the dial to full pressure, thus saving water.

This is the face of my shower head. For 99 cents, I did well.

I can wash hair, self and condition hair with less than one gallon of water and the water runs the entire time. I am sure I could find one of those shut off valves but the trickle of the mist setting keeps water flowing and I prefer it, especially when shampooing my hair.

Rinsing means full Thumper setting as I want all the Pantene shampoo out. Then a quick treatment of Pantene conditioner and I am all set. The combination is refreshing and I always feel so much more at ease with the world after a pleasant shower. Plus I like the way it smells.

I am not into "roughing it" much. Over fifty and frankly what I would not mind as 20-something seems like nonsense to me now. Out here, as I am planning on long term life afloat I want and expect the amenities of civilized living.

All that is not to say that if offered a shower some place where I did not have to haul the water I wouldn't be tempted!

Do you have a shut-off valve for shower head?
And, are you happy with your sump pump set-up? 

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