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Date: 21 September 2014. Soloist Dinner Dilemmas.


For the most part I like being a soloist. Should I wake up at 0100 there is no one aboard except Skipper to disturb. I might get up and work on a project, surf the internet, read a book or simply go out to the cockpit and watch the stars march across the sky.

My friend Irene is currently anchored near Wrightsville Beach NC. We chatted about this life-afloat topic last week. Both of us mentioned eating. There is a level of freedom regarding food only soloists enjoy.

This is a map of North Carolina. WRIGHTSVILLE is at the Red arrow.


As for food, anything at any hour of the day is just fine.
Cereal for dinner? Sounds easy. And tastes okay too.

Neither of us must conform to another's palate. Nor society's ideas of a proper breakfast, lunch and supper menu. We have no one else's expectations to deal with and thus can enjoy each day in the way we wish.

One of my favorites this time of the year is Fast Tuna.

It's easy, fast and the recipe can be found in the Silverware and Spatulas article. The Recipes page has some of my favorite Seaweed foods.

Eating alone requires fortitude. Making the effort to have a meal versus a thrown together snack sometimes is beyond my level of interest. I work on that. In the summertime, well, I tend to get a bit more slack than I would like to admit.

That said, I did grow up as an only child aboard a 40'er so solitude is a state I am comfortable with.

Still I do miss having someone to phone and say "I just saw the biggest turtle," or "the shrimp are growing," or even "see that gar?"

So, here you go: See the gar? It's about 18 inches long and it looks interesting to me.

Do you eat differently when with company?
Are you a normally a soloist?

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