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Date: 16 January 2015. Sage Returns.
Guest author Stephen Wandling, soon to be on Sage II.

This piece is for The Writer's Block. It's penned by Stephen on Sage II. This inspiring vignette describes a gent reentering the world of boating after life on dirt delayed things by a few decades. I admire the folks who work toward and achieve their dreams. If he can do it, so too can you.

I lived aboard a 28' cutter forty years ago, with my girlfriend, dog and cat.  After 4 years, I had a local boat-builder build me "Sage", a beautiful 32' Harrison Butler designed wooden cutter.  It was the same design that my hero Peter Tangvald sailed engineless around the world. 

Captain Peter Tangvald's circumnavigation is described in Sea Gypsy.

Peter said in his book
Sea Gypsy, "The world is full of beautiful women, but there are very few great boats."  But, I forgot this when on launching Sage the girlfriend said she didn't want to do the boat thing anymore, so I sold that boat in the hopes I wouldn't lose her and she left anyway. 

Thus a 40 year hiatus began in my life on the water.

Next week, I'm having a Haida 26 trailered to where I'm living, on the dirt, so I can do a bit of restoration and improvements.  She will be ample as a liveaboard if I choose to do that, but I will make that decision after cruising here on the British Columbia coast.

The End.

Stephen Wandling soon to be on S/V Sage II.

Side Note: Stephen's inspiration was Peter Tangvald and there are two books available from Amazon by Captain Tangvald. For those interested, here are the links:


Sea Gypsy

By Peter Tangvald, written in 1966.

At Any Cost: Love, Life and Death at Sea

The final voyage of Peter Tangvald...


Additional Note from the author Stephen Wandling: "As a 'teaser' for your Amazon posting of Sea Gypsy, I can sort of recall a story he tells.

He is in the Caribbean and has a native girlfriend there. One day she gives him a small gold earring and offers to put it into his ear. He accepts and says something like "I will wear it always and think of you", or some such. She says no you won't, you will take it out. In fact I know exactly when you will take it out. Two weeks before you die."



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