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Date: 18 January 2015. 5 Pounds of Shrimp (how to find discount diesel)

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Gosh, I do so love shrimp. Given a choice between shrimp and lobster, most of the time I will select the plate full of shrimp. They are tasty, not too costly and simply amazing. Although I cannot eat five pounds at one sitting, I can put a dent in the platter for certain. Shrimp is my favorite.

For proof positive of my shrimp proclivities, read the Time Stopped article.

On the Gulf of Mexico in years past the shrimp industry was large and robust. It still continues however the number of active shrimp boats is declining. Fortunately the quality of shrimp has not deteriorated. This year they have been spectacularly wonderful.

Between trips many shrimp boats dock along the Carrabelle River. During those days work is being done to the mechanical aspects of the vessels. Engines need maintenance. Ice machines have their quirks that must be addressed as well.

These are working boats: things break and must be repaired.


Dockage fees are charged by the pier owner. Water for the
onboard ice makers is not free. Diesel is not inexpensive either.


How to find diesel at a great price:


If you are aboard a cruising boat and need a quantity of fuel, definitely ask the local shrimp boat captain. He will know who has the best prices. Those captains know the local companies. You can also be assured the fuel sold is fresh.

NOTE: The nozzles for the fuel tanks are much larger than those found at marina fuel docks. That means that you MUST have an oversized deck fill to accommodate the quantity of fuel these tankers pump for you. Aboard Seaweed this was problematic.

Our 40'er regularly filled for the tanker trucks without issue. The tankers were less costly.


Rollin Stone leaves with full fuel and water tanks on a trip to gather fresh shrimp.

Owners Louise and Jerry are just the nicest folks you could want to meet. After many decades they still love each other and for me, well, that's really special. I admire people who stay married happily for decades. It gives me hope.

Still, it is simple to know when a trip has been successful. At just past dawn the below unnamed shrimp boat is heading into port. Take a look at this picture and see if you can read the tell-tale clues:

Seagulls. Yes, the lowly seagull knows there is something delicious in the hold of that fishing boat and they are flying along, hoping for a handout.

As for me, a five pound bag of shrimp is all I need for happiness. On the left is five pounds with the heads on. That's a one quart freezer bag incidentally. After taking the heads off, I have just better than three pounds to cook.



Shrimp Scampi aboard Seaweed
Ingredients required:
  • Butter (the real thing)

  • Fresh garlic (minced)

  • Onion (diced)

  • Peeled shrimp

I also de-vein the shrimp. Even a neophyte can become expert in just five pounds. Honest!

After peeling, I take a knife and slit down the back. You will want to cut about the thickness of a penny -- not too deep. Then simply pluck out the vein. Generally I grab it in my fingers and tug gently. It comes out with one steady pull.


Melt the butter in your fry pan. On medium heat cook the onions until nearly golden. Then add the minced garlic. Shrimp in a single layer is your next addition. Turning once, sauté the shrimp until pink and perfect.

I intended to show you a picture but there are no more. You see, I did them all at one time, thinking "leftovers" and there really were some. But then I put a DVD in my player, and proceeded to snack just a smidgen. Many little treats later I realized the extra for tomorrow had disappeared.  I wonder how that happened...


I am a little stuffed, so will say "Good night all." Tomorrow I will visit Rollin Stone and see if there are more shrimp tucked aside. I cannot imagine what happened to the last batch?!?

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Do your leftovers actually make it to the next day?
And have you ever snacked on the doggy bag (from a restaurant) in the car on the way home?



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