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Date: 26 May 2019. Diverting Portlight Drips (paper towel edition)


The last article Saving on Kleenex (handkerchiefs) I shared with you why I stopped buying *Kleenex. In this piece I'll describe how I keep my roll of disposable paper towels dry. The roll resides under the portlight in my head. That window is open most of the time. Rain happens. Here is how I prevent damp paper towels for just a dollar.

*Kleenex is a popular brand of paper tissues that folks in the United States use to blow their noses. The brand name has become ubiquitous with the product, regardless of who manufactures it.

Here is my PAPER TOWEL ROLL secured under the portlight in my head:

When it rains water runs down the bulkhead and drips on my paper towels.

I need to divert the water. The solution was found at the local Dollar Tree. I headed to the back corner of the store where placemats are sold. That is near the dish towels. There are two types of placemats available. One is squishy, with a rubbery back. The other kind is a thin plastic. I chose the thin solid plastic version.

Mine features Disney princesses from the movie Frozen. Relax fellows. This is not as bad as you might imagine.


When it rains sometimes water drips down below the portlight. It rolls down the bulkhead then is absorbed by the paper towels. That's not a good situation. The plastic placemat diverts the water away from my paper towels to where it won't hurt a thing.

I do normally close the portlight when rain is forecast. This is a preventative measure for those unexpected showers that occur when I'm off the boat.

THIS is a Disney placemat covering my roll of paper towels. The hidden side has the princesses.
What shows is a snowflake. I believe the blue looks like water. That is why I chose this particular placemat.

Personalizing Seaweed is one of my joys in life. Having a
wonderful home is truly a blessing. I am extremely fortunate.

I have hidden a rather mundane roll of paper towels. The placemat also semi-hides the cedar chips I use in my composting head set-up. Although coconut coir sold on Amazon is often recommended, cedar chips work and meet my budgetary constraints.

Side Note: Given a choice, coconut coir is the preferred way to go. The bricks fit in a much smaller space than cedar chips too. Details can be found on the FibreDust Coco Coir page on Amazon. This item is normally $20. I'd want two of them. One, plus a spare for my ship stores.


When I first situated the placemat over the paper towels, it was droopy.


The plastic placemat covering the paper towels did not seem secure.

I tucked a pink package under the edge of the placemat so that it would curve around better.


You may notice a piece of 1/8" nylon braided line attached to the wiring above my paper towels. On one side, the line is fed through the ring that supports the wires and cable. The other side is close to the ring, but not on it. That is because I wanted the towels to actually turn.

They don't. If I added a dowel the paper towels would rotate. In the meantime, I've got the towels secured, out of the way and yet accessible. For the time being, that is Good Enough.


Aboard a boat, not every project will be the final incarnation. For now, this is my solution. The portlight remains open. If it rains while I am off Seaweed the paper towels are protected.

Things to know: Placemats will fit sideways over your paper towels, completely covering the roll. Thus, search for one end of the placemat that will look okay on display. Another option is to use one of the flexible cutting mats. Those chopping mats are clear and also available at the Dollar Tree.

Clear flexible cutting mats are usually found on a shelf in the kitchen area under the scissors.

I told you about another use for these mats in the Alternator Bracket Pattern (how to) article.

What I like best is that this is an easy solution. I don't like to keep my boat closed up unless I'm running the air-conditioner. This way when one of those semi-regular afternoon thunder-boomers comes through I am ready. My paper towels will remain dry.

That's it for today. Thank you for reading, and happy boating.

I'd love to learn where  you store your paper towels.
And, do you have one of those hangers or stow the roll in a locker?

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2019, 2023

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