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Date: 16 January 2016. DIY Bigelow Teas (and engine swap update)

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As many know I am a real tea aficionado. I am also a boater on a budget. As much as I enjoy a spot of Bigelow's Earl Grey and Constant Comment teas the wallet is a mite thin of late. Three engines in two years will do that to a gal. Fortunately I have a solution that is inexpensive and easy to do.


Engine Swap Update:

Number One and most important of all:  My Betsy Runs!


My Kubota's name is Betsy. I'm a awaiting the final few items to be 100% on the go. I know I lack a fuel return line. We cannot find one. Apparently the Beast (gasoline monster) did not have that. Nor can we locate the one for the BOB Volvo. I cannot understand why the Volvo apparently lacked this. From reading I thought all diesels had fuel return lines.

In any event, that plus hooking up my throttle and shift cables is left to do. Also I will need a wired shut off switch. Betsy starts, runs beautifully, and, well, were it not for the little bits remaining I would be taking my boat out this week.

The Kidlet is in town and gosh, I would have loved to take her for a ride in Seaweed... Maybe next time. She returns to town in February so I am definitely praying for that!


I love drinking tea. Usually I'm a tea drinker all summer and a coffee or chocolate coffee drinker in the wintertime. [See the article Flavored Coffees (economical versions) for details.] This year I have been sticking with tea. The Bigelow brand is my favorite however with the amount of tea I enjoy it got too expensive.

That is when I pulled on my thinking cap and thought about how
 to spend less and not give up a pleasure. This is what I came up with.

If you read the package of the Earl Grey is says it's made with "real oil of bergamot" so I went to Amazon. Pull out your wallets boaters because we are going to spend a bit in the short term to reap benefits in the future. For those of us who enjoy tea here is how to have flavored tea. With three Essential Oils ordered I can enjoy fancy tea at a low cost.


Bergamot 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil by Edens Garden- 10 ml

Tangerine 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil- 10 ml

Lemongrass 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil by Edens Garden- 10 ml

The first thing in the morning and throughout the day a spot of Earl Grey tea is just the ticket to satisfy my taste buds. When I saw Bergamot oil listed on the package as the only ingredient besides black tea I knew I was on to something. I found a small container of Bergamot oil on Amazon for $5, plus shipping. 

Next I went looking for my Constant Comment tea box. I noted it has orange peel as a flavoring. Again a trip to Amazon netted me something similar. I bought Tangerine Essential Oil.

Since I was already there shopping I wandered around also purchased Lemongrass oil. I chose that rather than lemon because I wanted a milder, sweeter hint of flavor. And it suits me just perfectly.


Side Note: I chose this size deliberately. It takes only one drop to make a cup. I'd rather have smaller containers so the freshness stays at 100%. The company sells smaller and larger quantities.

All bottles are amber glass. You should store them in a cool dark place. I have mine inside my silverware drawer. They are tucked in the front corner in alphabetical order. That way I know which is which without putting my glasses on.


Please note these are marketed for diffusers.
They are not medicines, not for internal use, etc.

Oil does not mix with water so this is my method. Your mileage may vary.

Also please note these essential oils are are not certified for consumption. Please weigh the benefits versus possible problems. Make your own decision if Essential Oils are good for you. In other words: if you have a bad reaction it's not my fault.

Select the essential oil of your choice. Open said bottle. Put the drip gizmo thingy against your teabag. Tip upside down and right side up quickly. This is what you'll see:

The drop does spread a bit as it soaks into the teabag. I have not tried using the oils with my metal tea ball.


Ship's Stores


When I discover an item that makes my life better I want and extra set aside in ship's stores. These are inexpensive so that's a bonus for me. That's why I went back to Amazon today. While ordering duplicates of what I know I like I found a couple more that sure tempt me. They are:


Sweet Orange 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil by Edens Garden- 10 ml

I would also like to find an essential oil that replicates Mint Tea made by Lipton. A friend ("Hi Cheryl") gave me a teabag to try and I liked it.

The Bigelow Spearmint tea is not the same. I am definitely not a spearmint person.

Juniper Berry 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil- 10 ml

Please let me know if you have found an essential oil that offers a mild mint flavor. I want just a hint, not to be hit over the head by it.


That is it from Seaweed until tomorrow. I am sitting back sipping my tea and grateful for the warmth a cup brings me. It is getting nippy here though nothing like my cyber-pal Pam. Her high is predicted to be minus five degrees today. Brrr. Poor baby.

Stay warm folks and if you'd like a spot of tea on a budget try those listed above. The links are affiliate ones, meaning if you buy Amazon sends me a small percentage of the amount spent. It costs you nothing. Last month folks who used my links added $36.62 to my bank account. Thanks so much. I appreciate that.

Happy cruising.

Have you any favorite teas? What flavors are the ones you savor?
Do you have any secrets for making mint tea? Please share.

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