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Date: 21 February 2019. Dating for Boaters - Part 1.


This is a multi-part series for those seeking a cruising partner. Part 1 follows. Here are links to the five articles:

  1. Dating for Boaters - Part 1 (you are here)
  2. Dating for Boaters - Part 2
  3. Dating for Boaters - Part 3
  4. Dating for Boaters - Part 4
  5. Dating for Boaters - Part 5

If you prefer to have everything all on one page, this is the link for you:
Dating for Boaters (summary)

The summary has all five parts on one page. Some of my boat friends are on slow connections. For them, the shorter length articles are easier open.

A long time subscriber on the Pacific coast asked how to find a lady to share his journey afloat. He wants to find a partner to cruise with aboard his boat. Frankly it can get lonesome out here. I believe it is easier to find someone when you are based shore-side versus living *on the hook. Here's how I would find The One.

*on the hook: at anchor

Wonderful sunsets abound. As for me, I love watching the wildlife. If you enjoy that
sort of thing too, volunteer at a bird sanctuary to find others who share that interest.

Blue heron atop a piling. Herons eat fish. One this size could eat a foot long mullet.

Details on the heron, as found in my Birds of North America book:


Please remember I am not a 20-year-old seeking adventure. At this stage of my life I value safety. Like most women I nest. For me that is aboard my boat. Your job is to prove that your boat can be a home, and a comfortable one at that.

Or, find a woman who has her own boat!

This is my favorite place to be:

The dinette aboard Seaweed overlooks my domain. This is my happy spot. The view is fabulous.

Do you have a place for a woman to relax and sit comfortably on your boat? I discussed this topic in the If the Deck Shoe Fits article. A lady may imagine herself relaxing after you've grilled a freshly caught fish, later watching the stars march across the sky.

It is unlikely that said woman will immediately wish to drop all of her land-based pleasures to sail off the horizon with you. Presenting said adventure as a shorter term sabbatical is a better strategy.

An ideal partner is one who has an interest in your life afloat.

Being asked aboard for a short boat ride is great. That's FUN! Relaxing in the
cockpit of S/V Oramae is a great way to make new friends. Cap'n Dave on the right.

Don't go out for dinner. That's expensive!!! You don't want to be thought of as a meal ticket.

A bite to eat aboard your boat is fine. Trust me when I say you don't want a high-maintenance individual. Going "all out" for those initial dates/outings is usually a mistake. Simply be yourself.

If you're not confident about your cooking skills, buy pre-made sandwiches at the grocery store. Add a package of seedless grapes if you wish. Grapes are a healthy snack food and most people like them. Pick red ones, as they are the sweetest. DO NOT chose the large round Globe grapes. That kind has seeds.

I believe men worth knowing are happy and successful.


Being the happy guy or gal will net you more friendships than you can imagine. One might just blossom into something more. I have been blessed with many friends over the years. For you, I wish the same.

Happy boating. Part Two will be posted shortly. Thanks for reading.

I'd love to hear how you met your cruising partner.
And, how long have you been afloat together?

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