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Date: 1 November 2018. Grandma's Egg Salad.


Aboard our 40'er quite often we made deviled eggs. I do the same on Seaweed. As the holiday season approaches deviled eggs remain my go-to dish for potluck dinners. They are affordable. Sometimes though the eggs do not peel well. Here's what I do when that happens.


#1) If the deviled eggs are supposed to be for a potluck, I start fresh, cooking and peeling more eggs.

#2) The ones that don't turn out pretty are not wasted. Those are turned into Grandma's Egg Salad.

When the peeled eggs look like this I am disappointed.


Hard-boiled eggs that do not peel well are always irritating. I never know what I did wrong. Sometimes they turn out that way. I look at them as an opportunity to make Grandma's Egg Salad.

Then I start another batch of eggs boiling for the potluck!



First, the basics: Buy an Eggy egg timer so your eggs will be cooked to perfection.


Making Grandma's Egg Salad is really very simple. As described in the Perfect Eggs - Eggy Timer (no reefer advice) article, hard-boil the egg(s) you desire. Use the Eggy egg timer and yours will be a-okay, guaranteed.

Side Note: I bought my Eggy at Walmart for $3. My friend Noel told me he found a similar one at the Dollar Store.

affiliate link

Eggy egg timer by Joie


I would recommend paying Retail for the Eggy timer.



After your eggs are boiled, peel them. Next slice the eggs lengthwise. My cuts are about 3/8" wide.

I can usually cut three or four times long-ways down the egg. My knives are not sharp so I cut into my hand.

Side Note: It is safer for me to have less than razor-sharp knives. It is all too easy for me to slice myself. That is why I prefer my knives to be a bit on the dull side. And too I use scissors quite often in lieu of a knife. I told you about that option in the Scissors in the Galley (baked bacon) article.

Next turn the egg and cut horizontally.


Finally I chop my egg into cubes:

Drop the diced eggs into a mixing bowl. Add a dollop of mayonnaise.

Definition of Dollop: Enough to moisten the chopped eggs. For three eggs, one tablespoon should be fine.

If that amount of mayonnaise (or salad dressing) is not enough you can add more.

It is always best to add too little of the mayonnaise rather than too much. Your salad should not be soupy.

Now when I've made a mistake and do have too much mayo in the bowl, I add other stuff. I have tossed in leftover ham, shredded pork, or diced cooked chicken. I tried with beef and did not care for that flavor combination.

Side Note: When I am including ham to my egg salad I also add a touch (less than a teaspoon) of mustard for a bit of zing.

Grandma's Egg Salad always had minced onions and usually diced celery too. She did not add pickle relish though I do know many southerners prefer adding relish. Personally, I am not a fan of relish.

Egg Salad aboard Seaweed always contains an equal portion of lentil sprouts to eggs.

I eat eggs frequently. They are economical. Though deviled eggs are the preference, when the peeling goes poorly it is always nice to have a fall-back. That's when Grandma's Egg Salad comes into play. I like it.

Directions for my Deviled Eggs can be found in the
Delicious Deviled Eggs article.

May all your egg adventures be successful. I hope you enjoy Grandma's Egg Salad.

Thanks for reading.

Do you prefer plain egg salad or do you fancy it up with chicken, ham, or something else?
And, given a choice do you prefer deviled eggs or egg salad?

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2018, 2023

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